Nairobi, Kenya – On 3 June 2024, concerned organizations and individuals, including the Uyombo community, Right Energy Partnership with Indigenous Peoples (REP), Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action (CJGEA), Friends of Lake Turkana, and other signatories, have submitted a formal letter to H.E. Dr. William Samoei Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya. The petition expresses grave concerns regarding the proposed nuclear power plant in Uyombo, Kilifi County, and calls for the immediate cessation of the project.

The petition outlines several critical issues associated with the proposed nuclear power plant, including:

  • The potential displacement of the Uyombo community from their traditional lands, severing their connection to their heritage and sources of livelihood.
  • Severe risks to the environment and public health posed by the use of uranium in nuclear reactors and the possibility of accidental radioactive releases.
  • Threats to the adjacent Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Watamu Marine National Park, and Mida Creek mangrove forest, which are vital for biodiversity and the livelihoods of the Uyombo community.
  • Kenya’s failure to ratify the Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, leaving the community without assurances for compensation in the event of a nuclear incident.
  • The lack of a robust remediation policy and radioactive waste management framework.
  • Questionable validity of the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) report used to justify the project.

The petition also condemns recent acts of violence and arrests against those opposing the project and urges the government to heed the concerns of the Uyombo community.

The concerned organizations and individual call on the Kenyan government to:

  • Abort the planned construction of the nuclear power plant in Kilifi County.
  • Ensure the involvement of the affected Uyombo community in decision-making processes related to the project and future developments affecting them.
  • Rechannel funds allocated for the nuclear power plant towards community-led renewable energy projects.
  • Establish a comprehensive legal framework for nuclear energy projects, including robust safeguards for environmental, social, and cultural protection.

The petition urges the government of Kenya to prioritize a just and sustainable transition to clean energy that respects the rights and dignity of the people and the planet. The well-being of the Uyombo community and the protection of natural heritage must take precedence over hazardous and potentially catastrophic projects.

The signatories look forward to engaging with the Kenyan government to find sustainable and community-driven solutions for energy development.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Lance Mbani
Community Liaison Manager
Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action

Read the full petition here

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