Achieving Just Transition for Indigenous Peoples
November 11, 2023
🌟 Join us for an impactful event at the Action Hub during the Asia Pacific Climate Week 2023: 🌍 Event Title: Achieving Just Transition for Indigenous Peoples 🛠️ Event Type: Action Hub 🔍 Track: Track 1: Energy Systems and Industry 🗓️ Date: 14th November 2023 🕟 Time: 15:30 – 16:00 🏛️ Venue: Action Hub, Persada Johor International Convention Center, Johor Bahru, Malaysia Embark on a journey towards sustainable development that honors the rights and needs of indigenous communities, especially in the realm of energy systems and industry. Just Transition, a vital concept for environmentally sustainable economies, must wholeheartedly embrace indigenous cultures and traditions. Our Action Hub event provides a platform to delve into the distinctive challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples in achieving a just transition. Together, let’s foster dialogue and catalyze actionable strategies.

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